Personal Development with DJ Shannon C

Personal Development with DJ Shannon C

Personal Development with DJ Shannon C on Ladies Takeover Thursdays

This show is another of my favorites, partially because of the amazing content and partially because of the barriers I broke for myself on this broadcast.

In this episode, I’ve just returned from a Personal Development Retreat at Rancho La Puerta.This is absolutely one of my favorite places on earth, and this trip, being my second trip to the Ranch, really gave me an opportunity to break through some of the internal blocks that had been holding me back.

In this show, I speak about my own experiences at the ranch around breaking through fears, trusting others, self doubt, low self worth, overcoming self esteem issues, and getting past stage fright (yes – for years I got extreme stage fright around playing my Piano or doing certain types of performance in front of others) I also talk about my experience as a dj in a room full of Power Players from so many different industries.

Finally, this episode is dear to my heart because it’s the first show that I hosted entirely by myself. Appropriate that it should work out this way after just having a breakthrough experience around stage fright. This episode allowed me to prove to myself that I can do anything that I put my mind to, and that often, I’m my own biggest cheerleader, and that’s ok.

Anyway, self development and hip hop! Enjoy!

Ladies Takeover Thursdays
Episode 10
Original Broadcast on 08.31.17
Rancho La Puerta, The hazards of clean eating, breaking through fear and doubt, overcoming self esteem issues, and more!