Girl Power With DJ Shannon C

Girl Power With DJ Shannon C

Girl Power With DJ Shannon C on Ladies Takeover Thursdays

On May 1st I began working with 99.1 FM WUJM, a community radio station out of St Petersburg. I had never done radio (outside of the pretend radio shows I’d do for my stuffed animals as a kid)

but as soon as I started, I knew that I loved it. My show, the Thursday edition of the Big Show (daily 3p-6p spot), quickly became named Ladies Takeover since I was the only female DJ/Jock on the Big Show line up, and we took off!

What I love about this community station is that it gives me freedom to create my own show and my own content. The guidelines require that I play current hip hop music (late 90s to present!), play our commercial spots at the assigned times, and don’t curse. Outside of that, the rest is up to me! And I love that!

I want so share a few of my favorite episodes to bring some additional joy to your day. This episode is a Girl Power Episode where we talk about my experiences with the Centre for Girls as a facilitator with Camp-Mix-A-Lot (A Dj Camp) that was put on for the Middle School Girls.

I spent a week with the girls, every morning from 9am to 11am showing them how to use turntables, make creative scratch noises with vinyl, master a few basic transitions, and of course, throwing the best dance parties! We had so much fun!

I also talk about my experience with one of the Centre’s staff who I’d been inspired by at a Youth Spoken Word Poetry Slam a few months prior. I talk about my experience at the Poetry Slam and about What Heard Em Say Youth Spoken Word is all about.

We also talk about Women on the Way St. Pete that helps provide support to female college students.

Oh! And Did I mention that there’s hip hop? It’s a fun episode. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Check it out below!

Ladies Takeover Thursdays
Episode 09
Original Broadcast on 07.12.17

#GIRLPOWER Episode!Centre 4 Girls ( and Camp-Mix-A-Lot (girls DJ Summer Camp),
Heard Em Say Youth Spoken Word (, Women on the Way St Pete (, and MORE!