Brides Be Ware: 1-Stop-Wedding-Shops May Sacrifice Quality For Convenience!

Brides Be Ware: 1-Stop-Wedding-Shops May Sacrifice Quality For Convenience!

I was recently reviewing a website offering a DJ service with my team when it occurred to me that the 1-Stop-Wedding-Shop is becoming more and more popular in the Wedding Industry. As I was reviewing the site, it became rather obvious to me

that this particular shop was run by photographers who had added additional services to make things more convenient for their clients. In fact, this is definitely not a new idea; I had a business coach suggest that I add additional services to my offer list for the same reason just a couple years back. At that time, I made the decision to move forward offering only Event DJ services AND to make sure they were one of the best services you could avail in my area. That coach and I ended up going our separate ways, as she felt that I was leaving money on the table by not adding Photography, Catering, Lighting, Videography, Etc. to my roster of services. And I stand before you today with a different business coach and full confidence in my decision. Let me tell you why!

I personally look at a One-Stop-Anything-Shop as sort of the Walmart of its industry. Not that there’s anything wrong with Walmart. I shop there from time to time. I can get groceries, duct tape, a fishing rod, and new bicycle all in the same place. And when you’re in a pinch and you need groceries, duct tape, a fishing rod, and a new bicycle and don’t want to run to multiple stores, Walmart (or Target if you’re a little boujee) can be your very best friend. Let’s all just stop and appreciate it for what it is. Convenience.

But let me give you another scenario. Above – that’s my day to day life. That’s my grocery list and a few random things that I need for my week. It doesn’t really matter if the duct tape isn’t the best on the market because it was cheap and I can always get better duct tape if it’s really that important. At the point when I was getting these things, my primary concern was time and convenience.

Let’s now say that I’m looking to buy a new Sound System for my business. I know that Walmart sells speakers in their electronics department. I could slide through and peruse the weekly deals as part of my convenience trip the next time that I’m in need of groceries. But I won’t. Because when it comes to my sound system or anything that I’m using in my business, my primary concern changes from convenience to quality. I’m no longer interested in finding something that will just get the job done as long as it fits into my normal shopping routine. Instead, I’m worried about having the best quality sound system possible available for my clients. I want to make sure I get the highest quality speakers with the best warranty at the best price from a reputable seller. It’s no longer about convenience. It’s about top quality.

This brings me to you as you sit there considering the details of your wedding day. I know that it can be super overwhelming with so many different options and so many different vendors. But it’s also a special occasion. It’s likely something you hope to do just once and also to fondly remember for the rest of your life. It’s not just another dinner party. This is much more important. So with that said, I’m wondering why you’d even consider putting such an important event in the hands of anyone other than the best you can afford.

“But I’m a Busy Bride on a Budget! So, What’s Wrong With 1-Stop-Wedding-Shops?”

The honest answer is that there’s nothing wrong with them. Especially if convenience is primarily what you’re looking for. (Not necessarily budget because often times their one-size-fits-all packages are more expensive when compared to the itemized services of multiple specific vendors.) A company that will provide your DJ, Photographer, Videograher, Catering, and Draping will definitely be more convenient as far as booking your services. However, the risk for you comes around understanding that just because a company offers multiple services doesn’t mean that each of those services will be the quality that you’re looking for.

This brings me back to that website I mentioned earlier in the article. The company I was reviewing looked like they knew their stuff from the perspective of photography. But when I got to their DJ page – they had several Djs listed as tenured Djs who I’d never heard of, couldn’t find anything online about, and didn’t have any images of them even touching DJ equipment. This made me seriously contemplate whether their offering was really worth the convenience. Yes, I’d only have to make one phone call, sign one contract, and submit one payment. But, would the convenience really matter when I discovered that my Big Day was in the hands of an amateur who had little more knowledge than pressing pause and play? Anyone who’s ever been to a wedding with a bad DJ will quickly know the answer to that question.

I’m not saying that ALL one stop shops are bad. But what I am saying is that doing too many things makes it very difficult to become GREAT at any one of them. Ever hear the phrase, “A Jack of all trades but a master of none.” ? This is the risk you run with 1-Stop-Shops. This is the reason that I decided to move against the direction of my former business coach. For me, my goal is to be one of the strongest event Djs in the area. I don’t have time to focus on strengthening my company’s DJ services if I’m also trying to manage and offer Catering, Photography, Draping, etc, all of which have nothing to do with the other. Hyper focus and repetition breed excellence. A little of everything can offer little more than convenience. Like the crab legs at a Chinese buffet, which are edible at best. They’re Not the best crab legs you’ve ever had, but convenient to be able to get with your dinner.

Remember that the key to executing a successful event of any kind, including a wedding, is to take the time to research and check out the vendors to find the best match for you. Check online, ask for samples, references, and reviews. Before you’re locked into contracts, you’ve got the power to make sure your vendors are quality. So keep in mind if you do decide to go with a one-stop-wedding-shop that you should still take the time to check out each branch of the company and the people who will actually be working your event. Research is one of the only defenses that you have in seeing the truth through a catchy website and good marketing. As for me, one of my team members put it best when he said, “If I wanted to buy my wife a fancy dress, I wouldn’t take her to a Walmart or a Ross store. I’d take her to the best possible dress maker or designer because she deserves the best.” And for your wedding, so do you.

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