A Guide To Find The Best DJ In Tampa (or any other city)

A Guide To Find The Best DJ In Tampa (or any other city)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked by clients (especially when I’m unavailable to fulfill their event) how to find the “Best Wedding DJ”, “Best Corporate DJ” “Best (fill in the blank) DJ in where ever. In a SUPER Saturated market where most customers have little understanding of what a DJ even does, I get how finding the best wedding dj in Tampa or the best corporate events DJ in St. Petersburg (or where ever you are) can be a bit overwhelming. That said, I’m here to help with 4 easy steps to help you find the best “whatever” dj for you! Don’t worry. We’ve got this!

So first, let’s take a look at the word “BEST” which is a very subjective word. It’s like shoes…I might think that Nike is the best shoe for me. And you might thing Under Armor makes the best shoe for you. Since we can all agree that “Best” will be different from person to person, let’s qualify the search down to the best dj for you and your event.

1. Determine what BEST DJ looks like to you – First, Make a list (mental or on paper) of what you’re looking for in the person you’d consider the “Best DJ” This might include things like musical selection, mixing skill, crowd interaction, professional equipment, etc… Whatever “best” looks like for you, make a note for at least 3 or 4 traits. Set this list aside.

2. Source DJ Leads – Next, ask Friends for Referrals, Check out Google with some specific keywords and your location, do your research to put together a short list of Djs to move on to step 3 with. Let’s say at least 3-5 prospect Djs to check out.

3. Check Your Short List Against Your Best List – Use the Best List from Step 1 as a guideline to review each DJ on your Leads Short List. If you’re looking for someone who has good mixes and plays songs you like who’s also professional, check out their website, Mixcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. to hear some of their mixes and get an idea for how they show up in a public forum. Send them an email or set up a phone call to get a feel for their personality. You should be able to scratch off a few as well as move one or two forward. If (worst case) you end up scratching your entire short list, repeat step 2.

4. Confirm with Reviews – anyone that you think has earned the title of “Best” likely has someone else who feels the same way. So to be SURE that you’ve not been mislead by clever marketing or online propaganda, use google or the prospect DJ’s website to look for Reviews from previous clients. Reviews will help you to get a solid feel for how their service will be and what to expect based on how they’ve worked with others, which can greatly aid in helping weed out the frauds and empowering you to make the best decision for your upcoming event.

Remember that the best way to ensure your event is a success is to take the time to screen your vendors. (not just your Djs) Try this same process for each of them, whether it be a photographer, caterer, entertainer, venue, or any other event service you might need.

Not sure what to ask when interviewing a DJ for your next event? Check out this blog – 14 Things To Ask Before Hiring Your Next DJ.

Or if you just want to make it SUPER EASY to get it right, Check out my Hire Your Next DJ Like A Pro Workbook – make sure you Click HERE for FREE download! It’s full of worksheets that will help take you from finding a reputable DJ to getting the most accurate quote, and finally to basic event planning and music selection. Easy, breezy…together we got this!

Happy Eventing!