Cyber DJ Sets and Zoom Parties – The New Normal

Cyber DJ Sets and Zoom Parties – The New Normal

Over the past month of lock down, you’ve probably noticed that live steams are becoming a popular method of entertainment. From your favorite DJS to Iconic Beat Battles, everyone is live streaming.

While live streaming is awesome, you know what it’s missing? Two-Way Connection.

While you can chat with fellow viewers in the comments of Facebook, IG, or twitch, there’s still a bit to be desired from the perspective of human interaction.

Enter the Virtual Party.

Zoom Parties are becoming one of the hottest new trends because they allow for a second dimension of human interaction through the ability to see each other and not just the person broadcasting the stream.

A couple of weeks ago I played a Virtual Private Party for the Teachers of Dubai Scholars. It was my first zoom DJ performance, so I was nervous at how it would go. But as the broadcast started and the cameras from the different participants were turned on, we were able to see each other and dance together. I got to see their joy as friends who haven’t been physically together for a month were able to see each other.I got to feel their energy as I watched how they responded to the songs I played.

Just like when I DJ for a private client, the whole experience was also super customizable! Instead of just streaming out a random flow of music, I was able to work with the school to capture and program a playlist of songs before the event and mix those songs as well as their requests live. We essentially worked together as a group to create the vibe of that set and the energy of that specific party.

It was a much richer experience for me personally than the one sidedness of an IG Live.

In a Virtual DJ Party, which is basically a virtual party where we can all see each other, the DJ provides crystal clear sound with a direct input to their mixer and a video view of the DJ setup so the other participants can watch them play. If using Zoom, which is becoming on of the most popular platforms to host a Virtual Party, the people in the room can request songs in the chat, talk back and forth to each other, and to the DJ. There’s even the option to message another participant privately in case you want to have a side-bar convo outside of the main group chat.

Check out the video clip below from Garden’s of Babylon’s 900+ person zoom party for an idea of what’s possible. The sky is the limit here!

Of course, cam participation is not required, but it reminded me a lot of my “pre-quarantine” days to look out at my audience and see their reactions to the songs. I can’t tell you how much depth it added to be able to see each other.

Even If just at home on our couches with our kids grooving along. I miss dancing together. A Virtual party allowed us to do that!
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Cyber DJ Sets and Zoom Parties – The New Normal.

Happy Eventing!